PURISM takes pride in our relentless adherence to PURITY, SAFETY and AUTHENTICITY.       

 Our products do not contain any synthetics, filters or toxic chemicals but ONLY the finest natural ingredients that are sourced ethically and sustainably.       

 Our mission is to spread love, beauty and wellness through our products.


Purism was founded in NYC to share nature's healing and unifying powers. After witnessing the distress caused by inaccessible healthcare during the pandemic, we committed to making safe, natural wellness solutions accessible to all.

 Our team creates ethically sourced essentials that blend plants from across the globe into single bottles brimming with wellness. We proudly formulate everything from pure ingredients sustainably derived through ecological farming. 

 Every product aims to empower people to care for their whole self—body, mind and spirit. We infuse our essentials with care to promote harmony, comfort and confidence through aromatherapy's proven benefits. 

 Purism provides a mindful community that recognizes our collective humanity within these thoughtfully crafted remedies. We eagerly share knowledge and foster conversations that inspire people to embrace plant-based wellbeing. 

 Our goal is to establish Purism as a trusted leader in ethical, effective essentials that naturally elevate health and happiness. We firmly believe nature's goodness offers a positive force to heal and unite us all.


To bring to the world the health and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy through our 100% pure and natural essential oil-based products that are formulated to be clean, safe and effective.

All ingredients are ethically and sustainably derived from plants all over the world.  

We aim to be the source that you can trust not just with our products but with the honest information and knowledge that we share with you.   

We are committed to operate with HONESTY, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and INTEGRITY.  


A proudly women-owned small business ...


A licensed physician in New York City specializing in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine with over 20 years experience.  Dr. Damian is a strong proponent of best practice and proper education regarding aromatherapy products which may also enhance our body’s natural immunity and innate capacity to heal itself.  She is inspired to formulate products that could be an effective complement to traditional medicine with a low side effect risk profile for a natural and holistic approach in promoting the health and wellness of an individual.


A global luxury retail leader and technologist based in New York City with over 25 years experience driving innovation and transformation that support the growth and success of a multi-channel retail business.  Her personal accounts of the positive impact these essential oils have made on her health led her to co-establish PURISM with the goal of empowering more individuals to take care of their wellness by educating and providing easy access to effective essential oil products.   

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